Sweet Spot

Golf is changing; it is moving towards becoming an athletic sport. It is about more than just mastering core performance movements and having the right equipment.

Golf is a game of extended endurance, requiring focus, rhythm and consistency and what is taken to eat and drink is as important as club, ball or gadget.

Fighting Fatigue

In order to maintain the focus necessary throughout games, golfers must control appetite and blood sugar and to do that, it is imperative that golf bags are stocked with convenient, healthy snacks and ensure that they are eaten during the round.

Loss of focus, poor energy, inadequate muscle strength and fatigue are all the battles fought due to poor nutrition.

Nutrition is key

Whether a beginner, top amateur or a seasoned professional, nutrition is the key to not only playing well but living well.

Sweetspot has developed a range of nutritious energy-boosting products especially for golfers.